photography by diane modafferi

Drone Photography

Aerial views give a new perspective  for amazing stills and video: Real Estate, Weddings and Events


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I love to travel and observe wildlife in their natural habitat.: Grizzly Bears in Canada, Monkeys in Costa Rica and Killer Whales in Alaska. My next adventure will be exploring Iceland. 

Scenic landscapes and stunning

sunrises/ sunsets are unique and always changing. That becomes the challenge to capture amazing moments and to share them.

I like to capture action, sports, fitness sessions in my studio and on location. I use dramatic lighting to  enhance muscle definition.

Modpix Photography

If you want to set up a real estate or portrait session,  Contac        





Cinematic portraits And Drone photography

I take a cinematic approach to my portraits and video.  Tones, lighting, movement and elements in the scene help to set the mood and tell a story.